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MND Snow is Sufag`s new name

Snowmaking systems

MND Snow is a global player in snow production. Today we offer you a full range of fan and lance based equipment that’s guaranteed to meet your needs. A presence in nearly 50 countries. Over 500 satisfied customers. 20 000 snow guns sold worldwide.

Our offer:

  • Maximum production even at marginal temperatures.
  • A thoughtful and systems based approach to snowmaking.
  • Optimum exploitation of cold weather windows, using our eight-step technology.
  • 100% turnkey installation capability.
  • Worldwide technical support (training + troubleshooting).


MND Snow focuses its work and much of its research on the density of snow obtained, ensuring that you get the best possible product in terms of snow quality. Our snow guns are highly reliable and are designed for immediate performance, as soon as marginal temperatures allow.

We have two R&D offices, which study and develop tomorrow’s snowmaking technology.