EWc Group Products and Services






Management software

The complete Parking Telecom solution is controlled by our intelligent management software. This is a cloud-based solution, requiring little-to-none on-site management staff, and offering visibility and management from any place round the world.

Multi-functional technology system

Our management software offers a huge number of methods for registration, profile and account management, access control, billing, and revenue management.

Limitless pricing options

Our flexible tariff module lets you set and implement virtually any pricing policy, regardless of its complexity.

Real-time information & Reports

You get KPIs in real time, from anywhere: you can pull reports and data on flow, occupancy, throughput, payments, and more, which you need to control your costs and save time to optimize your parking operations.

Centralized control center

Parking Telecom system provides you with a centralized management of more than one parking lot and their devices in one central control center for your parking lot guests or its subscribers.

Technical support services

The whole hosting and server infrastructure is provided by Parking Telecom Services Team. Parking Telecom users get software updates, online support, technical support hotline, documentation and access to our knowledge base.