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Stratos D

Double chamber spreader

The Stratos D mountable spreader is especially suitable for de-icing in difficult environments such as mountain regions. Specialist for difficult tasks. The dual chamber mountable spreader, Stratos D enables the simultaneous spreading of different de-icing agents, in changing mixture ratios or separately. Stratos D is available for every vehicle type.

The Stratos D dual chamber mountable spreader is controlled by the compact ES control panel. It can be integrated with Thermologic, Autologic and spreading data collection. Simple programming and ergonomic control knobs for the most important functions ensure that the driver can concentrate on traffic and road conditions. Stratos D’s de-icing hopper has been kept low due to the consistent utilisation of the length and the width of the carrier vehicle. This contributes to the vehicle’s lower overall centre of gravity, which supports the manoeuvrability especially in difficult environments and provides the driver with a clear rear view.