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Tower Gun Snowmaking for narrow tracks

Street is the only central jet external-mixing lance with automatic flow modulation, suitable for trails and paths. This lance has been developed to cover narrow ski slopes (trails, crossings, forest paths, ski lifts, etc.) This snowgun comprises a single extruded aluminum shaft with curved head. Throughout its design, this lance is compact and light, making the task easier for snowmakers. Its head is simple: the flow is controlled in two steps, with two solenoid valves located at the foot of the shaft that allow 4 automatic flow thresholds. Snow production is provided by 3 nucleator nozzles and 9 central nozzles. This lance is also available in a standalone version with compressor.

Street straight jet enables:

  • 50% less water.
  • 50% less power.

Street standalone:

  • Standalone lance version with 7,5 kW air compressor.
  • Mobile on wheeled trailer.
  • Fixed on ballast girder.