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Surface lifts

Meet requirements, easy to operate, maintainability 

Euro: Economical solution specially developed for the requirements of small lifts up to 22 kW, using simple but robust components combined with our usual MND Ropeways high-quality engineering. Compact fixed drive station and return with counterweight, requiring no maintenance.

Hydro 470 & Hydro 550: Thanks to the electrically controlled hydraulic tensioning system, the compact Hydro drive and tensioning station combined with the no-maintenance fixed return are the ideal combination for all me dium-sized surface lifts requirements up to 75 kW.

LA: The LA surface lift is the ideal choice for longer, steeper lines. Compact fixed drive station up to 200 kW with a no maintenance counterweight return.

Surface lifts key features:

  • Station bolted on to concrete foundations or metal support.
  • Station with cross-arm for sheave battery.
  • Electrical motor controlled by variable frequency drive.
  • Suspended motor and anti-rollback ratchet system on gearbox.
  • Ø250mm sheaves for silent operation and minimum wear.
  • Galvanised steel structure.
  • Optional angle station on the uphill side available.