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Swingo 200+ Gully cleaner





Swingo 200+ Gully cleaner

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Quick and easy working with top-quality technology is the objective with the new option for cleaning gullies for the Schmidt Swingo 200+. The SKR 550 and SKR 700 systems, enable gullies to be cleaned by just one single worker. From the comfortable driver’s cab of the Schmidt Swingo 200+ gullies are cleaned using a flushing and suction tube which is telescopic.

Leaves, sand, gravel and other kinds of dirt are sucked up through the suction tube and collected in the machine’s 2 m3 hopper. The driver is not exposed to the weather conditions and does not have to perform any heavy lifting. The electrohydraulic operation and the entirely mechanized cleaning process guarantee rapid and efficient cleaning and a high level of daily coverage. It is possible to clean well over 500 gullies per day.