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Tarron HP-2W





Tarron HP-2W

Multi-blade snow plough

The Tarron HP-2W is a multi-blade, heavy-duty snow plough for use on motorways, with a working width of over 6m thanks to two fold-out wings and an angle of attack of 30°. It is suitable for mounting on trucks from 18 tonnes.


Multi-blade system with two retractable wings
Plough blade segments automatically adjust to the contours of the road surface
Snow clearing in several different positions or working widths

Your benefits

Efficiency: The Tarron HP-2W achieves the same clearing width as a front and side plough combined.
Excellent clearing result: The multi-blade system adapts perfectly to the road contours, even at high speeds.
Flexibility: The folding positions allow four possible working widths for large and small tasks.


Lifting the snow deflector.
Warning marks, warning flags or LumiFog.
LED flashing lights.