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Taurus 2.0





Taurus 2.0

Tower Gun

Optimal performance at any temperature. The Taurus 2.0 is the only air/water external-mixing snowgun with 8 production thresholds. This snowgun contains a head with 4 nucleator nozzles that ensures snow quality. Snowmaking in 8 regulation thresholds allows for the precise adjustment of the flow according to the temperature. This unique feature makes Taurus 2.0 an excellent snow gun for marginal temperatures. Opening of the steps is managed by solenoid valves located in the head. With its new design to use the calorific energy of water as well as a heating element, the spray head is kept above freezing. The Taurus 2.0 is designed to be compact and light, making the task easier for snowmakers. This lance is available in a number of versions according to the slope configuration: Size of 6,5 m or 9,5 m Automatic manual and standalone model with compressor.

Taurus 8 thresholds enables:

  • 30% more snow.
  • 30 % less power.
  • 30% reduction in snowmaking time.

Design evolution:

  • Start-up temperature.
  • Air flow.
  • Head design and optimization.
  • Standalone lance version with 4 kW air compressors.
  • Mobile on wheeled trailer.