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Ticket Dispenser Module




TicketDispenser Module

The TicketDispenser features tickets of any length with text, pictures and barcode printed on them from an integrated supply roll. An automatic cutting mechanism separates the tickets and enables them to be removed.

The high dispensing speed of less than one second per ticket makes the TicketDispenser particularly well-suited for access control of vehicles (entry voucher), but also for ticket vending machines and manned cash desks.

Further benefi ts are provided by maximum reliability in dispensing tickets, the compact design and the low maintenance requirements.

  • 300 dpi thermo direct printer with automatic cutter (typically < 1 second per ticket)
  • 200 mm Ø ticket supply roll (typically 2,500 tickets using 140 g/m2 ticket cardboard)
  • Ticket request button
  • Optional LC display