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Tracked vehicles and chassis

Prinoth: The leading manifacturer of multy-terrain utility  tracked vehicles

Prinoth recently acquired Camoplast's Track Machines Group which previously included all the assets of Bombardier's Utility Vehicles Division. With this acquisition comes a track record of over sixty years of manufacturing quality reliable products. This heritage combined with a strong product line-up will help Prinoth assert its position as the market leader in Utility Vehicles.

Prinoth's utility vehicle line-up  includes the carriers:

Panther T6, Panther T8, Panther T12, Panther T16 and Panther T22, Panther T7R, Panther T14R as well as Trooper™ multi-purpose all-terrain tracked vehicle. Prinoth offers customisation services on all of our track vehicles.

Please contact us to inquire about your specific needs.