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Trail equipment

Trail equipment and accessories

MYNEIGE has developed specific ranges of products adapted to the snowmaking process and principles: Snowmaking valves for controlling the snow producers (YB and VAR valves), to the prefabricated steel shelter, the drain valve / minimum flow or the GPA22, a mobile standalone pumping group.

YB valve

Compact automatic valve, the YB valve is the centerpiece of the snow producer control. The YB has innovative features such as:

  • Power fail safe closure with super-capacitors
  • Separate air and water circuits
  • Flushing / Draining of air circuit on opening and closing
  • Low power consumption of gear motor (12W)
  • Variable speed gear motor (one limit switch only)
  • Operator’s safety through low voltage (24V)
  • Simplified electrical connection
  • Unlimited data acquisition capabilities

VAR valve

Automatic control valve for the Rubis range of snow producers, the VAR allows controlling the Rubis on automatic installations. The VAR has 2 versions a 220V and 24V for low voltage configurations and YB valve operations. Located at the bottom of the mast, the VAR was designed specifically to operate in external conditions.

The VAR also exists in a manual version, the VMR. The VMR allows controlling the Rubis snow producers on a manual installation.

DVDM valve

Low flow and drain valve: Special MYNEIGE equipment, the DVDM valve is located on the low points of snowmaking system, to drain the pipe and prevents freezing issues. It is a standalone piece of equipment that requires only a power supply.

Steel shelter

To facilitate the implementation on the field of its snowmaking solutions, MYNEIGE has developed a prefabricated steel shelter. It can be positioned on the water pipe or next to it. The steel shelter saves time at the laying operations on site. It does not require to use of concrete and is ready to receive the associated shelter equipments (dialog box, power supply box etc.)


The GPA22 is a 22 kW standalone pumping group. This product brings an answer to snow production issues in sites where there is no centralized snowmaking system or no central air network nearby. With the GPA22, two snow producers (Mobilys, Standalone Rubis or Safyr) can by operated, with the adapted water pressure and flow.