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TT 211



TT 211

Terratrac - Specialized Aebi tractor for use in steep terrain.

Aebi TT211 has become one of the most successful Terratrac models due to the further development that always complies with the state of the art.

Significant amount of power: Thanks to the new powerful energy-saving and clean Turbo Diesel with a cubic capacity of 2.6 l, performance of 72 HP and a maximum torque of 232 Nm;

Easy machine maintenance due to optimal accessibility to engine, service points and vehicle electronics; 

Easy performance for even difficult operations such as mulching with a flail mower or snow clearing with a cutter blower;

Very positive effect on the vehicle’s driveability during road and off-road operations thanks to extended wheelbase. Furthermore, the steering angle is no longer limited, even when using twin tyres;

Simultaneously operation of the front- and rear-mounted attachments.