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TT 281+




TT 281+

Terratrac - specialized Aebi tractor for use in steep terrain

Best workplace in its class. Quiet cabin, perfect work environment thanks to an automatic climate control system, practical details list USB plug, storage options and a mobile phone compartment – simply a convenient workplace. Added to this is a perfect panoramic view of the surroundings and the instruments thanks to large glazing areas. Open space and functionality will delight you. A driving seat for even the highest demands. Comfortable down to the finest details. Compact and extremely agile, the Terratrac can be manoeuvred with ease, whether on challenging steep slopes or in open spaces.

The motor speed is reduced while the vehicle speed remains unchanged. This results in lower fuel consumption and the noise level is reduced. The powerful stage IV motor is NOX optimised and has lower emissions than ever before. AdBlue is used for exhaust treatment.