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Water and theme parks

Axess systems for water and theme parks

Our ticket sale programs for attended points of sale, for Internet sales and vending machines provide a huge variety of ticket types, from single or multiple entry to seasonal or annual tickets. Even prepaid cards with automatic debit can be used at the access point.

Electronic access control includes additional types of the SmartAxess Terminal for pedestrians and versions with flap-down arms for strollers or wheelchairs. All ticket media, like a disposable ticket or a reusable RFID transponder can be used. An electronic system is an essential requirement, in particular when setting up ticket networks – for example with CityCards or regional sport passes. The access control data is available directly in the DataCenter. The points of sale and card readers – which can also be installed as standalone devices – in conjunction with TCP/IP communication enable the DataCenter to be located offsite. As a result, outsourcing is also possible with our DataCenter Application Service (DCS).